Brian Meshkin | First Bicycle Helmet Law

January 18, 2018 video 0 Comments

Video 1 in a series of 3 videos (2003) from Brian Meshkin produced for the memorial service for Ms. Diane Wells, who was the 8th grade Gifted and Talented Resource teacher who worked with Meshkin and other 8th graders to help pass the nation’s first bicycle helmet law for children under 16 years of age. In this video, Brian describes what drove the passion behind the effort, specifically the tragic death of his friend and classmate, Christopher Kelly


Video 2 of 3 (2003), Meshkin explains the process involving a bicycle rodeo, educational video, and legislative efforts. As the head of the legislative effort, he explains some of the process and how Ms. Wells helped facilitate the process. He explained the successful passage of the law and how interest began to spread.


Final Video of 3 part Series
Meshkin explains how he worked to preserve the law and then worked with the National Safe Kids Campaign nationally and internationally. He explains how it changed his perspective on public policy and more importantly, spiritually. He explained how he, along with the other students, learned how to focus not on the differences of people but how people could make a difference. I also answer questions further on in the video.